How to Use Entune

It's easy to get started using Entune™ [5]. Simply create an Entune™ account, link your apps, download the Entune™ app, connect your phone to your vehicle and then begin enjoying Entune™. Get started now.

Start-Up process

  1. Confirm you have an Entune™ compatible phone here
  2. Create your Entune™ account
    Visit from a PC to create you Entune™ account.
  3. Link your existing applications to Entune™
    To bring your favorite Web services to your Toyota, you first need to link them to your Entune™ account. From a PC, login to your Entune™ account at and go to the 'Features' tab.
  4. Download the Entune™ mobile app
    Go to your mobile app store to download the Entune™ mobile app on your phone at no additional cost.
    1. Click here to go to iTunes®
    2. Click here to go to App World™
    3. Click here to go to Android™ Market
  5. Pair your phone with your vehicle and connect Entune™
    Click here to learn how to pair your phone and connect Entune.™
  6. Launch the Entune™ mobile app and go!
    Launch the Entune™ mobile app on your paired phone and you're connected.