Desktop Instructions

  1. Log into Entune

    Log into your Entune account with your credentials on

    TIP: Have your application credentials ready (Pandora, Facebook Places, OpenTable,

  2. Apps to be linked

    Initially the applications with the exclamation marks (!) are not linked. Click "Go" next to any application to start the linking process.

  3. Apps Linking Process

    Click "Connect" or "Link Account" under each respective application.

    * Only, OpenTable, Pandora and Facebook Places needs to be linked.

  4. Linking 3rd Party App Credentials

    Input your application credentials (may differ from Entune credentials) for each respective application. If you do not have application credentials, click "Get Started" to create an account.

  5. App Linking Completed

    Once each application is linked on Entune, your home page should reflect the image above (with green check marks).

  6. Launch App

    Pair your smartphone and Entune App Suite via Bluetooth®, Launch the App and Go!

Smartphone Instructions

  1. Check your phone compatibility with Entune App Suite

    Most iPhone® and Android smartphones will work with Entune. To verify compatibility, visit, provide your phone information and click on the Phone Compatibility PDF. Entune App Suite is only available on select Toyota multimedia systems

  2. Download the Entune mobile app

    Visit the Apple App store or Google® Play store and search "Entune" to find and download the complimentary Entune mobile app. You may also use the QR codes below to download the mobile application.

  3. Open the Entune mobile app

    Open the Entune application and follow the steps:

    1. After signing up, tap the camera icon to launch the VIN scanner, then tap “Scan Now”.

      NOTE: Open the driver side door to locate the bar code

    2. Steadily center the red horizontal line with the bar code. Hold the scanner for 3-8 seconds to initiate the process.

    3. Tap “Confirm” and fill out the requested information, then tap “Sign Up” in the upper right.

    4. After viewing the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, tap “Agree” then “Continue”.

  4. Linking 3rd Party App Credentials

    Click on the account you would like to link, then input your application credentials (may differ from Entune credentials). If you do not have the respective application, click “Click here to create one”.

  5. App Linking Completed

    Once linked, a green check mark will appear next to the application.